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I welcome you to the Soul Awareness healing journey. I welcome the 'you' underneath all your life situations, those experiences that seek to define you. I welcome that deeper part of you to this moment, here and now; to the Present, where you exist at one with your soul and at one with pure Being.

Moreover, I invite you to experience this journey ~ one like none you may have ever had before. It is a journey of conscious awareness where you can ~ and will ~ begin to experience the dynamic qualities of your soul. Those soul qualities that are timeless and await you to receive them into the core of your being, and await you to give them to the world in turn.

Along your journey, we may encounter a variety of energetic frequencies that differ from your own vibratory soul. Such energies are cleared, resistances dissolved and vibrations raised to create true lasting transformations.

Gently, non-invasively we travel, with your soul as our guide, leading us into true healing. Ever expanding ~ ever deeper ~ we go until the light of your soul becomes more pronounced than everything else and the healing shift occurs; it is the metaphor of turning on the light to reveal the darkness has vanished and exists no more. And, then, we emerge into pure Being ~ the eternal you at one with your soul ~ and at one with all.

So, welcome. I welcome you to Soul Awareness Energy Healing. Let your healing journey begin.

© 2013, Luma Light Healing - Candace Luma Suarez, M.S., Owner